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Two old Baseball teams with the name of either the color; "red" or "white" followed by; "sox"?

We can only assume it (socks) is misspelled so that the players they hire might be able to; 1) pronounce: SOCKS phonically; 2) remember to put them on "under" their shoes; 3) not go into catatonic shock if they are ever traded to the "white" "sox"...
Red "SOX socks" player Manny Ramirez wears red "SOCKS" and should be knocked to the ground and given a hair cut.

Then someone should put him into a uniform that doesn't make him look like 300 pounds of shit stuffed into a 500 pound sack.

Then he (Ramirez) should be traded from the Red "SOX socks" to the White "SOX socks"; (who changed their name from "White Stockings" when panty hose were invented).

Some dead players from either of the present day "SOX socks" teams may, or may not have ever played with the "Brown Stockings" of St. Louis who moved and became the "Orioles" of Baltimore becuase they found the whole "sox-v-socks" cotroversy too mundane.

(See also "Men In Tights")
by Cardinal MacHoney July 31, 2008