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For warriors with massive cocks that could sink a surfer pussy any day of the week.

Bodyboarding is taking the prehistoric method of surfing. It can be proved that due to bodyboarders need to lie down on their board increases their sperm count ten fold. Whilst surfing can be attributed to surfers bleeding out of their own arse hole's.
Maybe you should try bodyboarding
by CaptainMorgan'sMum June 22, 2011
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The Fingering of somebody's ass crack to maximize pleasure. Can results in nails being snapped off and internal bleeding. Bum Finger ussually takes place after a good bout of fart eating leap frog which creates of lots of sexual energy and vibes.
"Catch my fart in your mouth Amelie then jump over me and fart in mouth, it really makes me horny!"

"OK! But can we do Bum Finger afterwards because i've been priming my fingers all weak by sticking them in my own shit"
by CaptainMorgan'sMum September 06, 2011
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