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MDG (acronym) = My Data's Gone

A garbage computer manufacturer in Canada that sells computers made from parts that fell on the floor from a real manufacturer's shop. Their alledged "customer service" and "technical support" is far from helpful. And their sales reps only knowledge is how to juggle numbers around to make the consumer think they are getting a deal when they're really not.
I bought a computer at MDG Computers and the harddrive crashed. MY DATA'S GONE!

I called MDG Tech Support for assistance and they put me on hold for 15 minutes because they were too stupid to know the answer.

by Canadavey December 06, 2006
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Used when final retribution is required.

"Baked Brown Log" is the act of taking a cookie sheet and expelling everything that exists in your bowels onto it and then putting it in the oven at a medium high heat. Then you leave it to bake and fill the house with an aroma that is comparible to a sewage treatment plant on a hot summer's day.
My bitch cheated on me so I left her a BAKED BROWN LOG in the oven cooking for her.
by Canadavey May 05, 2007
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Origin: The Smurfs - happy, joyful little blue creatures.

1. When the notion in question is the opposite of happy and joyful.

2. When something isn't quite right.
Example 1:

Person 1: <acting like a retard>
Person 2: Dude, you're acting so un-smurfy.

Example 2:

Person: Did you see that car wrapped around the telephone pole? How un-smurfy!
by Canadavey April 23, 2006
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