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A Sacramento rapper, famous for his extremely violent lyrics which mostly feature Cannibalism, in addition to well-made beats. His most famous album is "Season of Da Siccness".
"Nigga, WHAT? You ain't even seen my in my prime; eating baby brains, baby brains, and baby spines...."-Brotha Lynch Hung
by Cam6092 June 17, 2008
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(N): An upper-middle class town located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Unfortunately notable for having annoying, spoiled people, unfit parents, and Non-English-Speaking businesses in a predominantly English speaking town.

(N2): A backfired party, complete with warm, generic beer, douchebags wearing Ed Hardy gear, and girls constantly taking pictures for Facebook or MySpace.

(V): To take unnecessary pride on one's self.
(N): "Where do you wanna move after Grad School?"

"Closter, New Jersey, man. I got a little fetish going on when it comes to Asians and Obnoxious Guidos."

(N2) "You going to that party?"

"Hell no. Last time I went, I checked out the booze, and the label just said 'Beer', plus I had to pose for a picture every 5 minutes".

(V): "That Guido chick had her parents buy her a Mercedes for Christmas. She's totally Clostering about it. What an ass."
by Cam6092 September 1, 2008
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