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A name the British use instead of American football, due to the fact the ball in question is egg shaped, so it isn't a ball and most aspects of the game are hand-based. It is also quite similar to the English invention Rugby (named because of the town it originated in) except all the players are heavily padded, can pass forward, and every time a player gets taken down, play stops, whilst in Rugby, almost every opposition player can pile on top of another opposition player, and the play will continue as soon as the ball is passed. Football is a game when a spherical ball is passed around by the foot and shot forcefully into a goal protected by a goalkeeper. The use of hands for outfield players and goalkeepers that are not in the box in football (or soccer to Americans) is strictly forbidden.

The truth is that American football doesn't make sense, and the name "Soccer" doesn't make sense either, seen as the name is actually originally an abbreviation of the FA (Football As(soc)iation), not another word for the actual beautiful game.
Complete and utter fucktard: Kinda like how rugby football looks like a giant egg and all the players run around with it in their grasp?

Logical individual: Actually, it is just called "Rugby", not "rugby football", as the American dickheads tried to alienate to try to deviate it from the inferior sport of Handegg and the Rugby name makes sense as the game of Rugby was invented in the small village town of RUGBY, only a couple of miles from the English cities of Coventry and Birmingham. It was invented by a boy named William Webb Ellis, who, in 1823, instead of playing football, picked up the ball and ran with it. He was disciplined for this, however, in a few short weeks, throughout the school, the new mutant sport had become very popular, and only a month had passed before all the rules were created for it. Thanks to the media, the sport then spread to almost every school in Rugby, and then to all schools in the Midlands county. Children loved how the brutality of the sport was part of the game. Soon it had become so popular Webb Ellis and a few other colleagues came up with the first Rugby Club, which, just like football, became a springboard for other Rugby clubs, in which the Rugby Union was invented and has been played ever since.

Now how is that for logical???
by Cal1um January 26, 2013
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