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Habbo Hotel is a Fun website, If Your bored it is a good time waster. DO NOT get addicted like i was, i'd spend 5+ hours a day on habbo. this had affects on me, i had no social life at all, i gained alot of wieght from just sitting around at the computer. I've Easily Wasted over $500 on furniture. I started playing it when i was 12 years old and i played untill i was almost fifteen. As of currently i am taking a break from habbo. it is not interesting to me. but i am not an obnoxious VIP like people claim. i Respect all people on habbo, i dont E-date anymore either. i stopped after like 2 years. I still do buy coin cards from my local Walgreens, But i am not going to be buying VIP/HC anymore. I am Focusing on making cool themed rooms.

some things i hate about habbo-
1.All the gangs and mafias(they will virtually attack you i usually troll them)
3.Habbo Babies(they pretend to be babies so someone will adopt them and then they ask their parents for coins, then when they are VIP/HC they diss their parents, They also talk like this"Hwello Cwan Ywou Bwe Mwy Dwaddy?"
4.The Games-most of the games are scams now and if your not VIP you lose half of themlist of games-Kick the ugly, Telephrase, Take me out, Falling furni, Dont hit my wall and many other bullshit mazes.
5. If you are not VIP most VIP members wont give you the light of day and call you a noob.
OVERALL-Only Play It Sometimes, Dont let it become a daily activity
vip1:hey girl you looks sexy
vip2:o thanks
non-vip:hey guys im just looking for some friends

vip1:go away noob
non-vip:i've been on for 4 years, you both hav ebeen on for 5 months each
BabyFag: Hwello Cwan Ywou Awdopt Mwe?
DumbIdiotWhoAdoptsFags: ok

BabyFag: gwive mwe fwurnis mwommy!
DumbIdiotWhoAdoptsFags: i have none
Kick The Ugly
*allVIPS pick norm*
non-vip :(.
this is another SHIT way of habbo to make money, they have HC(habbo club) and now VIPwhich is dumb
banned for convo
guy:hello i would like to meet some friends
girl:ok my names Derpina
guy: cool mines Herp
*guy gets banned for asking for personal info*

Casino Convo
vip1: hey norm getlost
non-vip:o ok i guess you dont want to bet my throne
vip1:*damn FML*
girl:hey wanna go out?
Girl: ok bby ilove you so much wanna get married?
*1 cybersex later*
girl:o im preg with your baby you have to give me some coins and furnis or i will find a new father!
guy:o ok*gives all stuff*
me:Bro you got ho'd
lol habbo hotel
by Cakey14 July 10, 2011

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