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Rory is a fictional character from Gilmore Girls, played by Alexis Bledel. Her story opens in a storybook Connecticut town, interacting with an eclectic mix of heart-warming friends.

She is the child of thirtysomething Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham who has made her share of mistakes in life, but has been doing her best to see that her college-bound daughter - and best friend - doesn't follow in her footsteps.

As TV.com puts it, "That may be easier said than done, considering that the two share the same interests, the same intellect, the same coffee addiction and the same eyes."

While Rory is more serious than Lorelai, there are similarities, especially where romance is concerned.

Rory is a coffee-drinker, journalist, attendee of Yale (even though Harvard was once her dream college), and reader. She talks fast, samples eccentric dishes, and pulls together a plethora of witty sayings and apt thoughtfulness with ease that gives her character a very comfortable, but very chic persona.
"It's my mother's name, too. She named me after herself. She was lying in the hospital thinking about how men name boys after themselves all the time, you know, so why couldn't women? She says her feminism just kind of took over. Though personally I think a lot of Demerol also went into that decision. I never talk this much."
- Rory exchanges names with Dean, "The Pilot"

"I live in two worlds. One is a world of books. I've been a resident of Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County, hunted the white whale aboard the Pequod, fought alongside Napoleon, sailed a raft with Huck and Jim, committed absurdities with Ignatius J. Reilly, rode a sad train with Anna Karenina, and strolled down Swann's Way. It's a rewarding world, but my second one is by far superior. My second one is populated with characters slightly less eccentric but supremely real, made of flesh and bone, full of love, who are my ultimate inspiration for everything."
- Rory's valedictorian speech, "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"
by Cain Adams September 19, 2006
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