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Acronym for "Price Per Jump". It is the amount of money you had to expend in your effort to get laid. If you spent $150 on dinner and a show and got laid twice, your PPJ would be $75. The PPJ includes all expenses that resulted in your having sex, not including any costs you would have incurred anyway during your normal daily activities. So if you normally would have driven 2 miles, but you drive 3 miles in order to get laid, your gas money for the last 1 mile counts toward your PPJ. The act of having sex resets your PPJ counter back to zero. If in the course of getting laid you avoid spending money you otherwise would have spent, your PPJ for that jump can actually turn out to be negative number.
Man, my PPJ for last night with Sharon was $300. I might as well have hired a hooker.

Dude you've been with her for 2 months and you haven't had sex yet. Your PPJ must be astronomical by now!

She paid for dinner and drinks! I ended up with a negative PPJ! :)
by Cadill August 14, 2011

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(colloquial, United States)

A "bunny run" is a short errand, usually taken on foot, with the purpose of accomplishing a single task at a specific place and then returning immediately to the point of origin.


Derived from the behavior of a rabbit in venturing out of its burrow for a purpose and then returning to shelter quickly.

The term implies speed of action, and can also be used to describe a short race.
Some examples of bunny runs include:

1. Taking a short trip to the store to retrieve a specific item and returning home

2. Leaving work to get a cup of coffee and returning to your desk

3. Leaving your campsite to retrieve wood from a specific place and coming back

Example usage: "Ross made a bunny run to the Kwik-E-Mart to get us a slushie."

by Cadill October 10, 2007

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