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Sweden, not to be confused with hell, is widely recognized as the worst place on earth to place your feet. After years of studies, professor Mike Dunningham at MIT discovered that Sweden, being so miserable was, largely due to the Swedes, the people populating Sweden.

Also they suck at card games.

Son: I don't want to eat my vegetables.

Mom: Well, if you don't eat them you could turn into a Swede.

Son: Anything but that! (eats at an incredible pace)
A Sub-nigger can be many different things, and the means of the word is mostly depending on location. Here's the most usual forms of the word.

1. A little boy or girl with black skin color.

2. A black person that loves hanging around underground ("sub" here refers to "subway")

3. Used by white racists who have particular grudge against asian, but also don't like black people meaning that an asian is something less than a nigger.

4. Used by black people on other black people that doesn't quite belong. They can be gay, short or something like that. A typical use of the word is rich niggers using it at poor niggers.
Doctor: Congratulations mam, it's a boy
Woman: Oh ma gosh, it's mah own little sub-nigger!

Person 1: Hey, have you seen Derrel lately?
Person 2: Nope, last time I saw him he were sleeping under a bench in a subway station.
Person 1: He's such a sub-nigger...

Asian hater: You're not even black, you're a yellow, fucking sub-nigger!

Afro american beggar: Can I please have some money for food?
Richie Rich (black): Get your own money, sub-nigger!
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend August 2, 2009
Non existant.

A Plicit is something that does not exist.
Harry: Hey, did you know that Jonas Brother has a song that is actually good?

Phil: No, that's a plicit.
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend November 1, 2009
Death Spree
It's a word used mostly in games (or by people with multiple lives) and it's kind of the same as a killing spree, the only difference being that you don't actually kill anyone and you seem to die a lot many times in a row. It can also be used when you're loosing a lot of points in a game.
In Call of Duty 4:

"Our clan were in the lead in the beginning, unfortunately Steven went on a death spree and we lost by 150 points"

In Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis:

Person 1: Yes, I win again. Thank you Motion Plus!

Person 2: Speak for yourself, this motion plus of yours is sending me on a death spree.

In Ninja Gaiden games on hardest difficulty settings:

"I switched on the console, inserted the game, pressed the start button, and before I could say "Holy F*" I were caught in a death spree."
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend October 6, 2009
A Vitamin Bear is a person who is very unhealthy, but thinks he is healthy because of his enormous vitamin consumption. The reason bear is chosen is because of the two most usual problems for vitamin bears: Bodyhair problems and problems with size weight. Of course a bear has plenty of both.

Vitamin bears are ironically a type of vitamin in Norway, it is unknown if this is a joke on the "vitamin bear" term or if it is a coincidence.
Dane: I just feel better than ever, I got my vitamin C, and my vitamin B and my vitamin A. It all makes my body work perfectly man, and I look great.

Jens: You stupid vitamin bear! You weigh more than an average skyscraper, and you look like a dead sheep drowned in fugde!
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend October 24, 2009
A bag of fuck.

Or at least a bag that has a majority of fuck combined with a minority of shit, piss or douche (douche is only if the person who says the word is a girl or a gay, depending on location)
Dave: You are a fuckbag!
Larry: I guess...
Steven: OK.

Steven: OK!

(Steven is a retard, you see :)

Steven: OK...
Steven: O...
Larry: Shut up you fuckbag with a minority of douche!

(Larry is not gay, just a Tranny)
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend August 1, 2009
Yeah, yeah ay? means "is that okay", and is mostly used by people who is... Well, let us just say: They are not excactly white...

This is a term that is said to save time, notice how much faster you can say "yeah, yeah ay" instead of "is that okay"

There is a HUGE difference!
Oscar: These taxes are killing me

Dwayne: Why dont you just shit in paying them, yeah, yeah, ay?
Oscar: Because I am white and can afford to pay them.
by CaPsLoCk_is_my_BEST_Friend August 1, 2009