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The act you put on in public or around friends and strangers. Anyone that isn't family or that doesn't know how you really are thinks you act one way and only that one way. Likewise, your family may think you act a different way and only that one way. Often times, the friends and family will not know of both personalities or "acts". These "acts" can be made up of multiple characteristics, usually opposites. There are countless different "acts" to fit everyone that has one.
Frank: "You can trust me, Steve, I won't let you down."
Steve: " I don't know about this, Frank. You have been known to mess up and mess others up."
Frank: " Yeah well that's just my social act. I really am responsible."
by CPT AWES0ME12 January 22, 2014

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A combination of the words neon and jelly, used to describe a person or group of people. Neo is used to describe a person as bright and cheery. It is also used to describe how that person looks, because they dress in bright, neon clothing. Jelly is used to describe that person as having no worries of the world around them, and of being care free. Also jelly is being used to describe how said person would have the feeling of floating in/on the clouds.
Frank: "Dude, Bob is always really happy and joyful."

Steve: "I know, he's always wondering around to where ever he wants, not caring about those around him, like he's in his own personal bubble."

Frank: "Yeah, I wish I could be a Neojelly like Bob."
by CPT AWES0ME12 January 07, 2014

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