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Certified Nurse's Bitch. It's a Certified Nurse's aide who works in a hospital and the nurses are having him/her do everything, including simple things, when the unit is super busy.

Generally, it's the lazy nurses who don't want to do the easy work (i.e. retrieve water for a patient)
Nurse Betty is told by a patient that she wants some water. Instead of Nurse Betty getting it, she tracks down Danny and asks him to get it. Danny tells Sheila "I'm not a Certified Nurse's Aide anymore, I'm a C.N.B!" Sheila asks "What's C.N.B.?" Danny tells her "Certified Nurses bitch!"
by CNA Who is a PAW May 12, 2009
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stands for Pain In The Ass. It is a way to describe people without them knowing you are talking about them. Used alot in the Medical field when people are constantly wanting your attention and pressing their call light for no reason.
Tellie- Man, Mr Robinson is getting on my nerves!

Amy- How so?

Tellie- He wants all my attention and won't leave the call light alone!

Amy- Wow! He's a P.I.T.A.
by CNA Who is a PAW April 21, 2009
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