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used for lack of a better word in a conversation. can express 1)indifference, 2)actual interest, or 3)kill time before having to actually respond with a complete sentence (each indicated by the user's tone and manner); excellent word choice option when you do not want the person you are talking to to be able to say something else.
1)"I like to study." - "Interesting..."

2)"I got 10 kinds of nasty at the party last night!" - "Interesting...were there a lot of hot guys there?"

3)"I have 3 cars, 2 bikes, and I am a personal trainer." - "Interesting (check out person)...so what was your name again?"
by CMurder June 26, 2006

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1. when u see a friend and give them something u have or have access to and they don't thereby causing them to get excited and say, "HOOKS!"

2. part of a statement to imply to someone that u would like them to give u some of what they got.
1. Statmore girl 1: "Hey, here's the last beer."
Statmore girl 2: "Hooks!"

2. "Hooks with the blunt!"
by CMurder July 08, 2006

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Short for: Beat Our Dicks Off
Used when someone is doing something to make you and your friends annoyed or angry.

"Hey guys I'll just be a few more minutes can you keep waiting?"

"Beat our dicks off: That's the motto nigga, BODO"
by cmurder August 01, 2012

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