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To chew a piece of gum for a long time to the point that it becomes tasteless and then eating a tick tack to add more flavor the piece of gum. The gum surrounds the tick tack in a way similar to a fly being trapped in a web.
John: Dammit this is my last piece of gum and it tastes like tofu now.
Dashawn: I got this tick tack, fly in a spiderweb that shit.
by CDRIZZLE April 16, 2013

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Back in the Renaissance period (approx. 1475-1600)the Roman Catholic church did not approve of women singing in the choir. Because of this, they castrated young boys in order to keep their feminine quality so their voices wouldnt change and they could sing as high as a woman. This went on until 1903.
Tariq: "Yo man, did you lose your balls?"
Ferdinand: "Actually, yes. I am a falsetto in my church's choir."
by CDrizzle February 20, 2008

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