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Putting to death through means of an untested and deadly vaccine whose short and long term side effects are not yet known.
According to climate change doctrine, half the global population would need to be vaxecuted in order for the Earth to survive.
by CBSquared March 30, 2021

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An institute of higher learning (formerly called a college or university) that thoroughly controls students in every aspect, such as economically, politically, and socially. Propaganda and brainwashing are often taught and enforced. These places tilt towards communism and believe they have power over students even off campus.
The three female college students were photographed without their face diapers (masks) in an off campus event, as a result the commuversity suspended the students, preventing them from taking final exams and wasting $15000 for the semester.
by CBSquared May 09, 2021

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A person who appears to be president of a country or institution but obtains the position through dubious means.

Note: The "p" is silent.
Visitor: I am excited to meet the President.
Tour Guide: I'm sorry but the President is not here.
Visitor: Too bad. When will he be back?
Tour Guide: In about 4 years. However, you are gladly welcome to meet out pResident.
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by CBSquared March 30, 2021

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