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When you kiss a girl who is chewing a type of tobacco much stronger than your own. Such as Skoal vs. Kodiak
Andrew: Yeah dude, I was makin' out with Carly last night and she gave me the Missouri compromise.
Chris: Bummer, what was she dippin?
Andrew: She was chewing a cope, grizzly mix.
Chris: I'm sorry bro, that's a bummer.
by CAGP June 20, 2010
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When you take a dip and then spit the dip spit into someone elses mouth. It is called a musket because of its close relation to the "shotgun" the shotgun is when you blow smoke of any through your hand or any other hollow object into the other persons mouth and they get all your smoke. The musket you dont use your hand, it is just a transfer of dip spit.
She said she had never tried chew, so i gave her a musket. Next thing I knew, we are married with 7 kids.
by CAGP June 20, 2010
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When you kiss a girl who has in a dip and you steal it out of her mouth and put it in your lip. You swoop the dip and swap some spit.
Friend: Hey where'd you get that dip? I thought you used your can up this morning.
You: I did, I pulled a quick Swoop N' Swap on my girlfriend.
Friend: Good Call
by CAGP June 20, 2010
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