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To take a huge, disgusting, and most importantly smelly shit, and then go get your boys and show them what you accomplished.
I dropped this grizz nasty at Wendy's the other day, and my boys thought couldn't stop laughing.
by C-Fly December 05, 2004

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An awkward mammal who enjoys getting blitzed off SoCo then dancing/making out with everything in the area.
Dougie Fresh pulled the roommate switch. How does he do it?
by C-Fly December 28, 2004

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A solid hanger-outer, who loves clownin with the boys (drinking, hoopin, and chillin) above all. Also known for his tall, lanky, awkward gait.
Me and C Fly hooped at the club before we went up to Huckle's for a throw down.
by C-Fly December 05, 2004

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