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A phrase used between two people who know it to tell one another when they need to take a shit. It is only used in the presence of people who you don't want to know that you have to take a shit. You can add adjectives to this phrase to describe the current situation. See below
Normal - "Hey dude, I gotta go catch a train, I'll see you later"

One that is about to come out - "Brady, I just remembered that I have to catch a train with my brother, and I'm runnin way late. I gotta run!"
by C - Dub - Weekly August 31, 2008
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A game played with a ball or other object with two or more players. The object is thrown up onto a angled surface, such as a roof, by Player 1 (P1), and P2 must catch the object midair and throw it back onto the roof. Then P3. Then P4. and so on. Until P1 plays again. If a player is on the ground when they catch it, miss the ball, or throw the ball over the roof, they lose a point or gain a letter. Rickity Shickity can be scored many ways. HORSE scoring is common. You can also play elimination after a certain number of violations. Also, this game is hilarious to watch when the participants are tipsy or drunk.
Dude, you wanna play some Rickity Shickity with us during lunch? Yea man, who else is playin?
by C - Dub - Weekly August 31, 2008
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