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(noun) Kinda like a boogeyman but a smidge hotter; an incubus but less sexy;
The antithesis of Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover.”

(Verb) The act of showing up in your crush’s dream and doing things you wish you could do Irl.
Dude: Hey girl...
Girl: Oh hell no!

Dude: C’mon baby, I’m the man of your dreams.

Girl: If you dreamcreep me I swear I will take that thing you call your manlihood and shove it so far up your nose it’ll protrude from your skull, like a tiny, flaccid, unicorn horn!
by Buttermybizkit May 24, 2021
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When you come to a stoplight and casually glance over to the car next to you and see the driver picking his nose. He notices that you’ve caught him knuckle deep. So you both look away and feel awkward until the light turns green and you book it, never to see him again.
The stoplight look away is something that happens to everyone but no one talks about it
by Buttermybizkit May 24, 2021
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