5 definitions by Butt Man

An extremely opinionated, rabidly dogmatic, excessively partisan individual to the extreme right of the political spectrum.
Only an extreme Right Wanker would advocate privatizing Social Security.
by Butt Man April 15, 2015
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The obsessive compulsive desire to motorboat between your sex partner's butt-cheeks or have them sit on your face .
She: "Would you still feel the same way about my big bubble butt if you didn't have Assburger's Disorder? "
by Butt Man April 6, 2015
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after you take a big shit, you cant sit down because your asshole burns like hell.
the other day my friend was over my house when he needed to take a shit. unfortunately he clogged my toilet but in revenge he couldn't sit down for a week because of the asshole stinger he got.
by Butt Man January 1, 2014
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when someone is really retarded, it is said they have jizz for brains.
wow that crack ho must have jizz for brains having baked her skull with rock.
by Butt Man December 5, 2005
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Left Wanker. An opinionated, dogmatically-rabid, politics-obsessed partisan to the extreme Left of the political spectrum
Only an extreme Left Wanker would advocate seizing the assets of the rich and distributing them to the poor.
by Butt Man April 15, 2015
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