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A woman, usually on her rag, that investigates, interrogates and or psychoanalyzes everything a man says or communicates to her. Usually, this has to do with the man's whereabouts or who he's associating with. However, because this is female rationale, it really can be about anything, and is usually unjustifed and unwarranted.
Him: "Sorry I'm late, I stopped in for drinks after work"

Her: "Where did you stop in at? What time did you get there? How long were you there?" Who was with you? Did you fuck some slut too? I bet it was that whore Lisa from your office"

Him: "Holy shit Cuntlumbo, should I get a fuckin lawyer or what?"
by Buster Heighman August 29, 2009

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Males, between the ages of 18-29, with faux-hawks, fake tans, aviator glasses, Ed Hardy shirts, TapOut/UFC/MMA shirts, as well as popped collars on their polo shirts and in the summer they break out the visors, often upside down and when indoors the sun glasses are worn on the back of their heads. Often hair has frosted tips.

They often go to the gym in pairs and often "play wrestle" in groups. Often leading to calling each other "fags" for touching each others dicks, but all the while using it for spank bank material for later.

They are often very unintelligent and uneducated. Their main topics of conversation are the gym, their car, their phone and pussy (even though most are closet homos)

Ladies seem to be attracted or fuck these guys because as we all know most women are stupid, desperate and are gold diggers. They fall for any and every line and end up a career cock sock to most of these douche bags.

Normal males mock and fight these douche bags. Often the douche bags will sucker punch someone and not fight like men because the only fighting they know is play wrestling and if you can't "accidentally" touch another guys cock, they are not interested.

Favorite drinks Jager Bombs and Lite Beer.
Me: Dude, I saw so many douche bags at the bar last night.

Buddy: One tried to hit on my girl, but stopped when he saw his "bro's" and they started wrestling, it was pretty gay.

Me: Troof!
by Buster Heighman July 23, 2010

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A racial epithet referring mainly to Jewish people.

However, it could also be referenced to the other people the Nazi's incinerated, including but not limited to political opponents, gypsies, homosexuals, handicapped persons/retards, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.....
Adolf: "Hey Josef, the power's out again, it's cold in here"

Josef: "Don't worry Adolf, we just need to light a few German Candles to keep warm"
by Buster Heighman August 31, 2009

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When you are fucking a girl from behind, either in the ass or pussy, and you are about to cum you pull out and shoot it between her butt cheeks. You then grab said cheeks and push them together and apart really fast.
Dude, can I sleep on yer couch? I gave my wife a Melky Cabrera.
by Buster Heighman October 28, 2007

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