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A style of video gameplay wher you shoot anything that fuckin moves. If it moves it is probably gonna try and kill you. So kill it first, and make sure its dead, stomp on it if you have to.
Player1: Whats that in the bushes?
Player2: I dont know, its kinda twitchin.
Player1: Im gonna kill it! (10-20 gunshots fired)
Player1: Did I get it?!
Player2: Theres nothin here, just a bush.
Player1: Well at least its dead now!

Resident Evil Style
by Bussy March 23, 2006
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The Final Mission is the day the world or the contry is taken over by a force stronger than ourselves and its every man for himself. The Apocolypse. The day the world ends is the most likely senerio. The world will go to shit and there will be looting, rapeing, murders, and pure anarchy all over the globe. With any luck this will be the rapture as told in the book of revalations in the Holy Bible where all the good holesome people wil dissapear and be whisked off to heaven while the sinners will be left to fend for themselves in a world of pain and suffering. There will likely be deamons and a whole slew of undead zombies wandering the earth at this time, something like the on the movie "Dawn of the Dead". If you are like me, you will probably be stuck here to fight off these hellish creatures with what little firepower you have stockpiled (ie. Resident Evil". Our only hope is to kill everything that moves and try to get someplace where we can live as long as possible. There have been quite a few movies and games about this topic and this author can oly speculate about their relivance to our lives.
If you havent seen them watch the movies "Dawn of the Dead" "28 Days Later" "Resident Evil" "12 Monkeys" or play the games "Resident Evil" "Doom 3"

Guy 1: "Where are all the people at in this town?
Guy 2: "I dunno, weird, its like everyone dissapeared. Wait whats that in the bushes?"
Guy 1: "It looks like a zombie or somtehing!?"
by Bussy March 09, 2006
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