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Something or someone that has deviated from what is considered right, correct, natural, moral, ethical, or its intended function. Examples of perversion would be "perverted justice" or "sexually perverted acts".

A perverted person is also known as a deviant or a sicko. Such a person will have deviated from a healthy sexuality into acts that may include one or more of the following: homosexuality, voyeurism, sadism, flashing, masochism, prostitution, incest, paedophilia, bestiality, rape, swinging, or some other indecent act.
"Dude, check out this goatse website"
"Woah!!!! That's really perverted man!!!"
"How so?"
"Dude, just because it fits, it don't mean it was meant to go there!"
by BURNiNATOR September 03, 2005

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To go for a testdrive, spin or fast cruise in a vehicle. aka fang
Let go for a blat in your new car bro!
Nah bro, I'm busy, but you take it for a fang tho.
by BURNiNATOR November 10, 2005

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a little man with a wrestling mask and boxing gloves. He hates homestar with a passion and it the creator of TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR and TEEN GIRL SQUAD!!!
Trogdor was a man!!!! Maybe he was a dragon man. or maybe he was just a dragon... but he was still TROG DOR!!!!
by Burninator October 27, 2003

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A person who squanders his/her life away by constant alcohol and/or drug abuse.
I used to be a wasteroid, but then I sobered up and got a job.
by BURNiNATOR September 25, 2005

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One who invokes pity.
Poor little shitter.
by Burninator May 14, 2003

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