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A person who is considered a Tool by 3 or more people and it is a general concensus that he, is in fact; an asshole.
Shaun:"Erick is such an idiot.."
Ryan:"Yeah I always wanna tell him to get lost in english.."
Justin::"umm ok, he sucks"
Zack"He's a fucking toolbag!"
by BurninPanda April 06, 2005

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1.When a man with a large penis menefests himself out of nowhere and proceeds to smack you with his 400lb+ man meat.
2.When Shaq comes out of nowhere and denies/rejects you by slaping you down with his huge piece.
1.I was just standing there and all of a sudden, a man came up and hit me down with his large dick, later I was informed that I was Shaq Smacked.
2.As the man made the shot outside the key, Shaq proceeded to jump 9ft into the air and decimate the man with his large penis.
by BurninPanda March 30, 2005

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1.Term most commonly used by horny highschool guys that will never get laid. Most oftenly an exclamation of hard penetration or rapid intercourse. Used sometimes as a transative verb or a prepositional phrase in itself.
2.Alias used by a horny kid named Zack
3.Large black parts hammering an undersized component.
Justin:"Heh, bet that chick takes it hard."
Zack:"F*in Dildo Sanchez, grrruahrhehr."
Justin:"Shut up, fag."
by BurninPanda March 30, 2005

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