3 definitions by Burger Menus

An Icelandic word for town. Seriously look it up.
Guy 1: Yo dawg, look at my sweet bæ!
Guy 2: Where is she?
Guy 1: You're standing on it.
Guy 2: ...
by Burger Menus November 26, 2014
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A person or something someone says about a person they miss thus not giving attention to the person they are talking to, you.
Guy: How was the dinner?
Girl: Good, my ex-boyfriend always cooked this meal, I miss him.
Guy: -_- (What a diggory)
by Burger Menus December 23, 2014
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Guy: Man! Look at your wet pussy!
Girl: Excuse me!
Guy:Your wet pussy over there, you know, your cat.
by Burger Menus September 21, 2014
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