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new style (rockers) form of reggae, often electronic, with singing over rhythms that many artists also record over. person who sings over riddim is called the DJ, unlike in hip hop where the dj uses turntables.
elephant man new chune, pon di river, mashin it up in di dancehalls world wide...shizza
by bumboclot August 13, 2003
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A derogatory slur usually used to insult Catholics, Irish people or Celtic FC supporters, or some combination of all three, mostly heard in the UK. Ajax Amsterdam supporters also made a banner featuring this term, which resulted in a heavy fine against the club. It is a loose reference to a historical pro-Irish Independance movement notorious for its use of violence.
"Oy, that Fenian Bastard with the Celtic jersey just called me a wanker!"
by Bumboclot November 12, 2013
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