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The feeling of uselessness and wasting of a day, either after a heavy night out on the town or due to overload of work etc.

Rot can also be used to describe the state of the body or surroundings aswell as the mindset. Areas of the body that can rot are the face, the groin area, and areas prone to sun burn.
A room can be deemed a rotten area if it smells or is untidy, it is sometimes known as a rot pit. A rot pit can also be the place where a rotter is in the process of rotting. More than one rotter in a room at any given moment is deemed to have started a rot-fest, which may attract others to the area to join in the rotting process.
"are you coming for a walk Dan?" "no im rotting to much at the moment"

"look at his face rotting!! haha"

"haha, he has massive volcanoes on his back!! his skin is totally rotten"

"Tom, your room is like a rot pit, it stinks!!"
by Bulgi May 21, 2009

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