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A mild curse. Often believed to have originated from its similarity in spelling to "damn". In fact, however, it is an acronym for "Dingo Ate My Baby", the cry made by Australian women when their children are carried off and torn apart by the wild dogs of the Outback.
Damb! I liked that baby.
by Buggieboy April 11, 2008

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To search (google) your mind (noodle) for a piece of information that you know is there somewhere.
I can see that chick from Dawson's Creek in my mind, and if I google my noodle I'm sure that her name will come to me.
by BuggieBoy May 20, 2005

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Similar to going postal, but usually involving a shotgun filled with buckshot instead of an uzi. May involve the disfiguring of a friend or associate by firing the shot at their face, usually after drinking lots of scotch.
Nigga, you disrespect me again and I will be going cheney on your ass.
by Buggieboy April 11, 2008

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A calculated technique, used by 21st century American presidents, when mere strategy will not be sufficient.
President Dubya, could you please explain your nukyular stratergy to us, sir?
by Buggieboy April 10, 2008

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Getting shafted out of something that you wanted, usually at work, because of some rule of "politeness" or "team spirit". From the movie "Office Space", when the ratio of people to cake was too big and Milton was told to keep passing it, so eventually everybody gets a piece except for him.
"I'm taking this office before anybody else does. I'm tired of always passing the cake"
by buggieboy December 12, 2008

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A piece of fried poultry so hot, crispy and delicious that it induces a state of nirvana in the eater.
My African brother, I am in need of some spicy zen hen tenders.
by Buggieboy April 10, 2008

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This is the name given to a woman's ladybits if she has red pubic hair. It comes from the ancient song which goes:

"If the color of her hair is ruby red"
"what will the color of her THING BE?"
"Dude, you were with that redhead Ruby last night. Did she have a thingbe?"
by Buggieboy January 16, 2008

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