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Bucky burger is a cheeseburger founded by the Buckster. The savory sirloin burger is adorned with jalapeños, black olives, sautéed onions, two pieces of bacon and cheddar cheese to put a smile on anyone’s face. When garnished correctly, this awesome burger resembles the Buckster.
Damn that bucky burger looks tasty. :D
by Buckie November 11, 2004
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A dirt trailer a white trash dwelling which is place on refuse heap. The property is never mowed because the toothless wonders that live in such a place cannot afford a lawnmower. Dirt trailers are usually found in bunches. A rule of thumb is that if you see one dirt trailer in a town, there will inevitably be another one on the horizon.
Jeff: Yo buck, how many dirt trailers have you counted in this one whore town?

Buck: I think we are up to 59 dirt trailers, but i am yet to see one dirt trailer owner.
by Buckie November 10, 2004
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This consists of drinking a shit load of Jameson within an hour or less. Usually a bottle of Jameson will last for an hour between 2 people of Jefferson and the Jamesons quality or better. Pussies need not apply.... This helps people shine alot quicker than the gay power hour.
Jeff: I had my shine on so bad last night.

Buck: Atleast you didn't puke during the hour of power like that pussy charlie!
by Buckie November 4, 2004
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