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A person who sits around doing nothing all day, commonly bums and other such people.
Yo, check out that ploppa!

George Bush was such a ploppa!
by Bubble Blox October 30, 2009
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A city in the state of Michigan, located 30 miles North of Detroit. To the North, East, and West lay fields/farms. This gives the appearance that Romeo is full of country hicks. However to the south about 10 miles away is a Modern Society boasting many retails stores including the top names like Apple, Nordstroms, Abercrombie, and many more. The one rule about Romeo is that 99% of the population will never leave, They have the dream growing up that one day they can move to a sunny beach in Flordia or maybe California...But almost nobody ever leaves. The one person Romeo can claim to fame is Kid Rock, who actually went to Romeo High School. However even he hates his own town and has only made an appearance once. Downtown Romeo is also called Uptown because there is not actually a downtown. Another famous location is The Rock which teens spraypaint random things such as Happy Birthday Messages.
You want to go into Romeo, What the hell is there to do?
by Bubble Blox July 10, 2011
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Someone who enjoys the candy Whoppers© (chocolate covered malt balls) that they snatch them up when ever they see them. Other words that are similar to this are "Whopper snatcha" "Whoppa Snatcha"
Those kids trick or treating were such whopper snatchers.

At the factory tour of Whoppers© some kids grabbed all the free Whopper© samples and the guide thought they were such whopper snatcha's!
by Bubble Blox October 31, 2009
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