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The phenomenon that occurs when an overly large person sits next to you on a bus, train, or plane and their ass flows under the armrest into your seating area.
God, that flight was absolutely miserable; not only was it a small plane, but that big girl next to me was totally guilty of asscroachment since half of her butt cheek was in my seat.

Don't some airlines charge obese people for two seats to avoid asscroachment on other paying passengers.
by Bubba Adbul Ledbetter November 16, 2009

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An e-mail that, like a tweet on twitter, is 24 characters or less and reports boring status or stupid personal factoids that the recipients don't give a crap about.
Pam, our dufus friend, Mark, just sent me a twee-mail from his iPhone saying, "At Pier 39, Wipeout Cafe, eating a Wipeout burger". Does he really think I care where he is and what he's eating--boooorrrring!
by Bubba Adbul Ledbetter August 12, 2009

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The gaudy and sometimes riduculous looking jewelry that is worn during the Christmas season, including earrings that are shaped like Christmas trees, necklaces that light up with tiny Christmas lights, etc.
Oh my god, did you see Bertha wearing all her jingle bling today in the office. Those earrings that were little Christmas bells and that Santa sweater should be banned in all civilized nations.
by Bubba Adbul Ledbetter December 22, 2009

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