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Hands down the worst show/comedian in the history of television/comedy. Carlos Mencia does for comedy what the holocaust did for the jews, except the holocaust wasn't as brutal, it made more sense, and was slightly less of a crime against humanity.

Carlos Mencia's jokes have no range outside of weak observations about race, nor do they contain an ounce of originality. When I talk about the show being a horrendous atrocity, I'm not reffering to the show being overly racist, in fact that has almost nothing to do with it. It's the constructs of the jokes themselves. They're pitiful attempts at humor. They lack any kind of intelligence whatsoever, so little in fact, that his comedy is barely one notch above a clown slipping on a banana peel. 80% of his jokes don't even have a punch line, they are just stereotypes examined to the point of obscurity.

The following paragraph is specifically for Carlos...

Yelling a joke doesn't make it funnier. Doing little twitches while telling a joke doesn't make it funnier. Pointing at the camera or various people in the audience doesn't make it funnier. Laughing hysterically at your own jokes doesn't make them funnier. Relying on stereotypes for 99.8% of your material doesn't make you funnier. Having your own show doesn't make you funny. Your not funny, nor are you by any means a respected comedian, but rather, you are a commercialized joke, a fat vulture feeding on the remains of the Chappelle show. Perhaps when you take the time to construct a joke coherently, rather than fall back on "in-yo-face"-ity, will you truly know what it means to be a comedian.

What's that you say, Carlos speaks the truth? He's brave for saying what we're all thinking and people just need to lighten up? Well then I have good news for all you Mencia fans: We can all be Carlos Mencia! Its easier than you think. Just take a sterotypical topic (like Asian drivers, Black people eating watermelon, or mexicans mowing lawns) and yell it while doing a little dance.


See? Wasn't that easy? I hope there are enough time slots and paychecks at Comedy Central for all of us.

Mind of Mencia's abnormal success is a dark glimpse into the comedic mind of the American majority (although we all know tv rating systems are inaccurate). To put it simply, it is simplistic, it is comedy (dare I even use that word to describe it) that requires no thinking, intelligence, or taste. The next time you laugh at his quote-unquote "jokes", ask yourself why your laughing. Is it content that is essentially clever and humorous, or is it an exploitation of obvious stereotypes that any person with half a brain can concieve?
As Mother unfastened Baby's diaper and wiped the Mind of Mencia from between his chafed cheeks, an atrocious smell filled the room, suffocating the three of us.
by BryanHep October 30, 2006

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