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Spectator is a commonly used term to describe the 'odd sheep in the pen' in regards to women and their associates. In other words the 'fatter' of the friends, one who doesn't look after personal figure, the girl who goes and watches her 'fitter' friends play sport, whilst sitting on the side line eating a pie.
1. "Mate, why did you have to bring the spectator back to ours last night?"

2. "Mate the only way i was going to root the amazing one was if the ugly friend came along"

1. "fair enough then ya pol cat."
by Bruse December 23, 2007

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The Phanton Act takes place when one mate leaves the social gathering and or company of other mates whilst either at the local having a few frophies are on the d-floor trying to get a special ladie friend. The Phantom Act consists of not telling anybody where you are going, inlcuding not saying your good byes, and just disaperring...
The Phantom - "Hay boys, can you please hold onto my drink, i just have to go to the shitta".

Mates - "ya no worries great man, be quick"


Mates - "Boys i think the great man has done the phantom act on us, possible the worst bloke ever".
by Bruse January 31, 2008

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