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A man's infinite knowledge of everything sports. Scores and stats of any athelete, any team, in any country. Brought to life thanks to ESPN commercials.
Man 1: "Hey you see that game last night?"

Man2: "Dude, I watch every game...NBA, Nascar, Dominican League Baseball! Do you even know what that is? Hey everybody check this guy out questioning my fanhood."
by Brujo77 November 2, 2007
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Puerto Rican slang for the police, popular in the past (between the decades of the 40's-70's). Comes from a play on the name O'Hara in reference to Irish police officers who patrolled the cities.
"Cuidao, ahi viene la jara."

"Becareful, here comes the police."
by Brujo77 November 2, 2007
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