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Basically a pair of pants with the bottoms made like elastic.There are two types of jogger pants
Jeans:These are like regular pants but with elastic bottoms.Mostly worn khaki style by African Anerican males

Sweatpant:These are like a sweatshirt for your legs.The bottoms of these are exactly made how the cuffs of your sweatshirt are made.These i prefer more because they have dope designs and patterns and they remind me of those pants teens used to wear back in the Early 90s such as Fresh Prince or Saved by the Bell
"Bro did u see those sick tribal print sweatpants at rue21"

"Nah,those arent sweatpants theyre joggers, but im really diggin those jogger pants that have 90s Nickelodeon cartoons on it
by Broski400 February 15, 2015
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Someone who tries to correct everything such as evedyday simple slang
Dad:Everyone put on yur seatbelts
Son:It wont go in
Dad:Thats Ok we'll be there in a second
Son:Its been 10 seconds dad
Dad:Stop being a smart alec
by Broski400 January 29, 2014
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