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An affectionate drunk who continues to seek intoxication not realizing that the festival is over. Festival Dude-bro is capable of little coherent speech, other than the often used and fully interchangeable terms , "Dude" and "Bro".
Festival Dude-bro, staggering into campsite, "Dude, lees part-y! Dude, Got any beerrrzz bro?"
Concerned Festivaler, "Dude-bro, I think you need to sit down before you fall down and drink some water."
by Broomy April 15, 2007

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if you do "a joey" it means to get out your penis out regularly, attempting to entertain other people. Most commonly done on webcam.
f*cking hell kemp did a joey last night!
by Broomy October 31, 2006

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