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Slang for the labia of the female genetalia, particularly those belonging to large women.
It was their first time together. As Cindy removed her clothing there was a terrible squelching sound. With bulging eyes, Rolf cautiously pulled aside her bacon curtains, watched them sag into the thick carpet and promptly fainted.
by Bron November 05, 2003

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Small college on a mountain top in Tennessee. Student body is full of self-rightious southern aristocracy. One can spot a Sewanee student by shaggy hair, pastel colored Polo clothing and/or seersucker suit and bowtie. Other common accessories are Chevy Tahoe's, Suburbans, or Land Rover Discovories. Students are also easily identified by thier arrogance, ignorance of world events, and utter self-importaince. Sewanee students are often found smoking pot or drinking hard liquor, while playing Frisbee Golf or burning things.
"Ah, he must attend Sewanee... That explains the Polo clothing, Tahoe, and large amounts of expensive rock climbing and whitewater kayaking equipment he always carries around, but has never used."
by bron December 11, 2004

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