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4 definitions by Broken-Steel-Rocks

A category of furry that focuses on a person who views herself/himself as a toddler aged animal. Unlike babyfurs, cubfurs view themselves as an older version out of diapers and baby like behavior, but still are at a young age. Some cubfurs may have some form of diaper, like training pants or have few baby items like blankets or pacifiers.
Childish, training pants, fursuit, yep, their a cubfur.
by Broken-Steel-Rocks June 30, 2009
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Also referred to as AB
A person who acts like an infant or baby. Normally dresses up in a variety of baby like clothing like diapers, onesies, bibs, sleepers, and kid like shirts. Some adult babies find comfort and security in diapers and being cared by a mother or father. The age range for adult babies can vary from newborns to toddlers. Adult babies do not find sexual arousal out of diapers unlike diaper lovers (DL)
That Adult Baby isn't exactly the most normal. All he does is sit their like a read baby and have his mothers change him.
by Broken-Steel-Rocks June 30, 2009
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A group of furry who pride themselves in wearing diapers. Unlike cubfurs and babyfurs this group views their fursonas diapered, but not at a young, child age. Some diaperfurs find a sexual attraction toward diapers, but there are many others that find comfort and security while wearing diapers.
That guy's fursona is wearing a diaper, but its not a kid, he must be a diaperfur.
by Broken-Steel-Rocks July 30, 2009
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Also known as DL
A person who wears diapers for sexual arousal. This fetish can vary from just being diapered to humiliation. It is commonly mixed with AB when the two are completely separate with some cases of a person being both.
I found Jim yesterday wearing a diaper, I think he's a diaper lover.
by Broken-Steel-Rocks June 30, 2009
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