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Somebody who has the balls to drop their current job, relationships, family, friends to pursue rich dreams. Somebody who wants to be recognized by their community, or even their country. Somebody who views the world differently. An entrepreneur is the person who knows the world is flawed, they know a 9-5 job isn't fulfilling, they know the educational system is shit. We are the risk takers. We are the ones who want to make it big in life. Our peers will go job hunting with a piece of paper called a "degree" while we're creating our own jobs. We're the boss. We're the one who hire people. We're the one who starts a business. We are entrepreneurs.
Yo, you remember that loser dropout we didn't like and always talked shit about? Apparently their making A LOT of money because they decided to start their own business. I might get my entrepreneur degree now!
by BrokeToRich247 April 01, 2016

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Street carts, sometimes called boof carts or fake carts, are THC cartridges that you buy anywhere that isn’t from a licensed dispensary or weed shop. Sometimes these carts are branded with companies that don’t even exist, referencing to pop culture icons, video games, tv shows, movies etc. Other times, they may look like they’re from a legit company but are in fact not made by the real company. So what’s going on here?

Drug dealers are realizing that as the weed business grows & becomes more legal, they will be competing with legal shops that sell what they sell and more, including cartridges. So what these drug dealers do is buy empty, pre-branded carts off Chinese websites and fill them up with oil they make at home. Oil that never goes through testing, regulation, or anything of that nature to make sure what you’re smoking is good for you or not. You can see why these things are sending people to the hospital.
“Yo man I just bought this rove cart for $30, my plug said it came straight from Cali!”

“I think you got a street cart bro”
by BrokeToRich247 December 08, 2019

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