3 definitions by Brodie Roofs

18th of may is international give money to people who start with ‘b’ day. If you know anyone whose name starts with a ‘b’ you have to give them $5
Yay it’s the 18th of may I can’t wait to give Brandon $5
by Brodie Roofs November 3, 2020
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a very uncommon name given to people with big heads
look at braithen he thinks he’s amazing he has a big head
by Brodie Roofs September 1, 2021
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Braithen is super cute, smart, funny. All the girls want him. He is always centre of attention. He does however need to get his eyebrow fixed up, and he also might be gay. But apart from that he is absolutely boyfriend material, even if he does leave hot girls on open.
I wish Braithen was me boyfriend

I think braithen is gay
by Brodie Roofs November 3, 2020
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