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To begin a mano-e-mano conversation, a tete-a-tete, usually concerning one's recent experiences with the opposite sex over a cup of white, chocolate, or strawberry milk.
Jim: I heard you banged Trixy last night, tell me about it dude.
Frank: Shh, not here man, we'll pour the milk in a more private area.
by Bro Jonze February 11, 2008
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To exploit the video-gameness of an EA Sport's Madden game by consistently chucking the ball downfield every play and, unrealistically, scoring every time.
Eric: (Yawn) Oh wow, another 93 yeard TD pass. That's not even my longest play tonight.
Wally: AAAAH! You suck! This is gay! This isnt even fun! Screw you, you mad-chucker! Fuck this I'm gonna go play Animal Crossing.
by Bro Jonze February 12, 2008
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