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(n)-a class most freshman in Californian high schools take, it is also known as pregnancy prevention class depending on the teacher. Freshman Seminar is supposed to teach of the resources you can use throughout high school and the reasons for doing it. It tells of the many careers you can take and the backup plans you need but it succeeds in being an annoying class you text your friends to help get you out of. A class that allows you to spit, fight with the teacher and write your name in Greek.
T: Anyone of you can father or mother a child, happens all the time. You know how expensive babies are. The milk...
B: That's why you breast-feed.
T: The clothes...
B: That's why you shop at the Dollar Tree.
T: The experience of a baby nagging at you.
B: That's why we have Freshman Seminar.
by Brittney Sade July 24, 2008
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