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I was told phaff is “an old English term for taking an extraordinary amount of unnecessary time to do something, particularly when others are waiting on you.”

But it is actually a derivitive of the acronym for “Fucking Around Forever”!

see also: phaf or faf and phaffing or faffing
We were all psyched for the fresh pow and ready to go, but now were waiting for Jonny’s girlfriend while she phafs. She lost her lipstick or keys or something. Now the freshies will be gone!

Please stop phaffing Tracy… Grab your bag, let's go already! We are soooo late for the airport, hurry up!
by BritaJoy April 14, 2008

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See Phaf or FAF.

Someone, usually female, who takes way too long to get ready to go somewhere and can't seem to get out the door or arrive anywhere in a timely manner.
Girl, why you late again! We almost missed the flight. You are the Queen of Phaf!
by BritaJoy April 14, 2008

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