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Where wannabe guidos tend to lurk. They also go to teen nightclubs and jerk each other off to house music. Girls that go to teen nightclubs tend to carry around STD's and like to get silly on the dance floor, which is why girls from this scary town are called "sluts". Also, girls from Toms River like to take pictures with duck lips and post them on Facebook, as guys like to take pictures with there shirt off and a hat on, which makes them "fresh". No other town near Toms River likes them, so it's always a big fight which ends up with Toms River getting shat on, usually by Bricktown.
Foreigner: Yo, lets get some bitches from Toms River!

Bricktown kid: I don't want an STD man, let's just drink some Busch.
by Bricktown January 17, 2012
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