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crazy 7ft monster who lives on a farm....need i say more.
Just last week me and my wife were taking a walk and a Gammage attacked and tore my wife's leg off dragging it back to his lare.
by Brian Ried April 25, 2008
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Code for describing someone as Hot!
Man: Damn! She's happy on Tuesday!!!
by Brian Ried April 24, 2008
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A Scottish name. But also a name for a large rolly polly male who has so much wisdom many refer to him as the Buda. It is rumoured that he has Jedi powers, has the ability to bring down a fully grown dragon and can eat all the food in a banquet meal for 602 people.
I went to see Inverarity about my problem....he is so wise...after 5 minutes the infectious rash down stairs was gone.
by Brian Ried May 01, 2008
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A dick owned by a transexual. However this isnt a simple switch. The female wanting to be a male has to cut off the peni of a ginger male and glue or celetape it on to there private parts. Note the female can keep the remaining sexual organs such as boobs and the womb. The Trandick can be removed to become female again.
My Trandick fits perfectly only problem it itches alot
by Brian Ried April 30, 2008
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