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Sixth gear is a state of mind when there are no worries, no problems and no concerns. The phrase has been made popular by Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett.
I can't wait til this summer when I'm gonna head down to Cozumel, throw it into sixth gear, and let it ride.
by Brandon Eldridge December 07, 2005
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A colloquial variation on the word nunchucks which was popularized by the 2004 cult classic, Napoleon Dynamite.
I've got awesome numbchuck skills.
by Brandon Eldridge February 10, 2005
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Rawnamugg is another term for being ridiculously drunk. It's in fact very close to the point of blackout but still coherent enough to eat 12 tacos.
I can't wait til Friday night. I'm gonna get rawnamugg and try and score some pussy.
by Brandon Eldridge January 11, 2005
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Another shortened word for vodka
Let's go to the store and get some vods.
by Brandon Eldridge December 19, 2004
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