3 definitions by Brandon Harripersaud

A Jesus Chain Is A Cross With A Chain THat You Wear Around Your Neck.
"I Forgot To Wear My Jesus Chain"
"I Got A Jesus Chain For My Confirmation"
by Brandon Harripersaud July 26, 2006
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The divine number is 1.604, Leonardo Da Vinci used this number to paint the Mona Lisa, but the first time he made the painting, her right side of the forehead was bigger, so he had to do it all over again, therefore showing that the Mona Lisa that is kept is not the original painting.
Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa with the divine number, the divine number is also used for many other things of which i choose not to discuss.
by Brandon Harripersaud April 19, 2006
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My friend's sister's friend's boyfriend is a homopheliac, we know this because he had sex with a dead person, and he had sex with his girlfriend; then his girlfriend got sick and went to her see doctor, and the doctor asked her if she had had sex with a dead person; That is how we know...
by Brandon Harripersaud May 6, 2006
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