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Getting around a website's "one person one vote" logic by voting from multiple computers.

See ballot stuffing and meth smurfing.
The only way you could have gotten so many thumbs up on your urbandictionary entry was from vote smurfing.
by Brand X May 11, 2010

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when an acquaintance you haven't seen for a long time greets you by name but you don't have time to remember their name
Joe: "Hi, Andy. How have you been?"

Andy: "Er...Hi. Good. How about YOU?"

Sarah: "Andy, you've just been name ambushed."
by brand x May 03, 2010

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process of ensuring that there's enough toilet paper to meet your needs PRIOR to using public toilet
Joe forgot to do a TP Check. He had to dirty-ass it to the next stall to finish wiping.
by brand x May 07, 2010

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