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(noun, vulgar, Persian)
1. In Persian street language it means a worthless bitch or girl who fucks everything on two legs usually for free or a low price.
This slang is composed of Jende meaning bitch and "2 zari" which is similar to "2 penny" as a sign of being cheap and low.

2. a slang used for cheap and low level people (especially girls).
Asshole 1: This chick rocks! look at her boobies, two fresh fucking watermelons!
Asshole 2: Come on! She's such a jende 2 zari, she fucks for an ice-cream.

Earl: Hey Crabman, can you invite me to some free beer?
Crabman: Get the fuck away Earl, you fucking jende 2 zari!
by BrainX December 27, 2008
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(Verb, Software Engineering related)
To ignore something completely.
Root: In most unix systems there's a device called /dev/null. This device will ignore everything forwarded to it. Likewise when someone "devnull"s something they completely ignore it as it never existed.
Siavash: Sam, ya heard about new Microsoft Windows 8?
Sam: That doesn't even exist yet!
Siavash: Listen to me, it looks great! just try it once.
Sam: are you devnulling me?
by BrainX January 01, 2010
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(noun, adj, Persian, rather vulgar)
Kosmikh is usaully a person who's completely stupid and sometimes tedious. A kosmikh guy does nothing but dumb things and doesn't understand that he's such an idiot.
This word is also said to somebody does something very very stupid and then looks at you like he knows something and you don't!
merXad: hey jende, let's play it doggy!
Bitch: doggy you mean missionary, oh my love, come over me...
merXad: You fucking kosmikh cunt!
by BrainX December 30, 2008
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A Persian noun usually used for a worthless job or action. It's composed of "Kos" which means pussy (vagina) and "Moosh" that means mouse. The whole word however means nothing related to these parts. It's completely informal and often used with bury.
Hey merXad, forget about this job, it's all Kosmoosh burial.

I wasted a year burying kosmoosh in that company.
by BrainX December 25, 2008
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(Persian, Noun, vulgar)
1.Used for a person who is a real sneaky motherfucking fuck. Sometimes when somebody betrays you in a very genius way you can call them "Tokhmejen".

(Persian, Noun, impolite)
2. Used for a really clever person who sometimes does things that are not completely accepted or legal. This usage is impolite but is not really offensive most of the times.
Sam: merXad what did you do with that exhole of yours?
merXad: you mean the bitch who stole money from my fried?
Sam: Yeah that Tokhmejen motherfucker!
merXad: I couldn't do shit about it...
by BrainX January 17, 2009
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1. Persian/Farsi word for child's dick.
2. Persian funny slang or rather polite substitute for dick.
I love the way your shoombool is hanging pal
by BrainX September 10, 2008
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