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Your daddy's butt cheeks...
Jabishkin At UC.
by BoyBee April 15, 2004
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Salty Brown Lips! Pure.
Pish bulls people.
Dr. Rakla Big boy
by BoyBee April 15, 2004
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This is an acronym for Big Eyed BOOL. It refers to a certain meat ball with bulging eyeballs also known as the infamous Ape Eyes.

Here is her life story:
She comes from a far away land where short dark brown creatures with salty brown leeps, foot long legs, and green juices squirting out of their brown pores roam around. Her birth name was bestowed upon her by a Tibetian monk named The Dalai Lama. She was born abnormally large, weighing in at a whopping 25 lbs 64 oz. 1/25/64 became her birth date thus.

As a child, "meatballs" as she was commonly known as, was often spit in the eye with spaghetti sauce, thus increasing the span of her eyeballs. This is how her blood shot eyes came to be about. One day in gym class, "meatballs soup salad (MSS)" was happily frolicking through the fields when all of a SUDDEN, THUN THUN THUN, Eloisa the bully who victimized the meats every day of her life finally trapped the meats in a corner. Eloisa swung her bat into the meatballs eyeballs because they were so enlarged that they were mistaken for baseballs. The meatballs then went blind and entered a triathlon to lose her blubber. While running she trips over a spaghetti string and rolls down the hill, only to find her eyeballs soaked in spaghetti sauce once again. ALAS! .. her vision has been revived! Meanwhile, on the other side of the hill, Eloisa took a sip of slim fast and thought she had her way...but OH NO, TOM arrives at the scene of the crime and steps in to defend her beloved sister. Tom takes out a homemade swatztika made out of bamboo shoots and slaps Eloisa silly. EESLAP EESLAP EESLAP! From then on...Tom has always been known as Hitler on Sundays.

After the traumatizing sauce incident, the BEBs then decided to start a new life overseas in America. She has come a long way and has aquired numerous nicknames other than Big Eyed Bool (BEBs): Meatnoodles (Meatnoods for short), Meatball Soup Salad (MSS), The Meats, The Meatees, Hapesboi, Hapesiree, Bob, Ape, Maah (Chinese translation: a piece of meat), Maah Mee (the original Chinese translation of meat noodles).
Deb the Beb with the Bools eye. She's always grumpy towards others and never says thank you. She expresses hatred by dilating her pupils; it is a mastered skill of hers called salt dilation.
by BoyBee March 11, 2009
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