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When you find out the game you want is only for the "next gen" console (particularly the Xbox One). Thus sending you into a feeling of depression as tho betrayed by your nation. You then question capitalism and consider becoming a communist for the good of equality.
Ex. "Dude I really want the next Call of Duty but it's only for the next gen consoles. I'm totally getting XBoned by Activision."
by BossSauce 47 April 14, 2015

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: The act of sending a Snapchat (or other photo-communication media) to someone while using the toilet. Also used in situations to describe someone smartphoning in said bathroom.
Bro 1: "Hey, what are you up to?"
Bro 2: "Not much."
"AWWW, David just Flushchated me!"
Bro 1: "Haha, sucks to suck!"
"Jokes on you!"
by BossSauce 47 April 16, 2015

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